The Sign

“The baby kicked” she excitedly told Samantha, her best friend after the relatively longish dance session she had..not once but at least 5 times. Its like my baby wanted to dance too…”

“Wow! that’s so awesome babe! Am so happy for you”

“Actually the baby kicked while I was dancing with Perry”

“Perry-ex boyfriend Perry? What were you doing dancing with Perry? Where was Jonathan”?

“We’re friends..he asked me for a dance, I couldn’t say no.. and besides the baby has never kicked when I’m with Jonathan. The baby doesn’t seem too connected with him.. this wasn’t the first time the baby has kicked, it happened last week too”

“Tell me you were with Jonathan then..”

“Nopes, actually had met Perry last week for something that he needed to talk to me and he felt it too..I think my baby likes Perry too”

“What do you mean “too”, do you still like him? Wake up woman..what are you doing? Do you even know where you’re going with all of this”

“Don’t you think it is a sign..”

“What kind of sign Priyanka? You’re married and pregnant with your husbands baby and what signs are you looking for.. there is nothing out there”

——– silence ———–

“Ouch!..the baby kicked again see…”

“..but Perry isn’t here”

“yaaaa but we’re talking about him…see?? a sign…”



I spend a lot of time in just my underwear

Okay! Now that I have your attention..

Some Underwear talk? I’m no underwear no no no no no no, but I do like to shop for pretty underwear and have a good collection for myself. I wanna look good down there too and not to just hide it under pants or skirts but to show it off and spend time in it (at home of course)

I wouldn’t mind if some day in the future, it would be made socially acceptable to wearUntitled nothing but just underwear. I mean men can wear em so that shouldn’t stop women from wearing them either right? and besides clothes just get in the way of life.

For times the cat cannot be left out the bag underwear..being in one is the next best choice.

Getting waxed …down there

Being an Indian, we are (should I say “blessed”? ) with a lot of hair, but that isn’t even the good part, it is the removal of the hair that makes you feel at times “its growing out of proportions” maybe it needs a trim..or wait – maybe a total wax?

I needed to go from 1 somewhere to -> ->  2

Hair is good, definitely good, but on my head, more the merrier but on sensitive skin, is a whole different ball game.
In my life span, I’ve just done it just once but not recently…it’s been 3some time back. The whole episode was just (I can’t find the right words..painful maybe? ) so I’ve stuck to some self-love (self trimming) after that day and I’m doing okay.

This post however is about a friend of mine, who had her’s over the weekend that went by. In her own words, she said

“I need moral support, can you come with me?” Now I’m not really the type to get into a wax session when i’m not the person being waxed but well…
even though I had my earphones on, it didn’t prevent the squeals from her from time to time after every rip. I really didn’t know how to react, what to say or what to do considering I was almost in the very same….PAIN when I had mine.

After a good 1 hour, she was done…that was a relief.
And guess what, after all that pain..she wants to do it again. I politely refused when she asked me whether I could accompany her again.

I am no way her wax buddy, Who needs that?

..that ONE man

He treated her as an option, an option he could turn to when he didn’t get what he
wanted from his wife, back home. He looked no beyond than.. using her body to satisfy
his urges. She was just a peice of meat for him to feed on.

She was in a pit of her own.. heart breaks, one after the other, sleeping around with
different men to prove to herself that she still had it in her. She needed to know
whether it was really her fault that man after man claimed to say. Deeper and deeper
she sunk into the pit of misery.

And then it all changed one day when.. that one man changed her whole concept of
love. He didn’t use her…… he didn’t force into her but made gentle love… the end of
which left her speechless. She had never experienced anything like this before. For the
first time she felt her heart speaking to her “this is it”.

The night flew by…

He left by the time I woke up..and I didn’t even take his number.

I got up from my bed and walked to the balcony. I felt different, I felt good..I smiled

“Thank You Jonathan”

Whose fault is it?

It wasn’t supposed to end this way! Barely two years into the marriage and everything was a mess. Everything seemed to be going well until I walked into the house with Jeremy making out with Suzanne in the bedroom, our bedroom. They weren’t just making out, they were fucking right on the very bed that we made love many times.

Jeremy didn’t even seem bothered to stop after he’d seen me enter the room. I clearly couldn’t watch the action unfold before my eyes as I ran out of the house to the nearby pub, guzzling down a few beers as if to tell myself that what I saw was just a dream and that everything would be okay once I got back home.

2 hours later when I entered the house Jeremy was sitting staring at some soccer match on TV. He didn’t seem too bothered about my entry and I was just too shocked to ask him anything. I went into the bedroom to confirm if what I saw a couple of hours back was true. The bed certainly was messed up, confirming that whatever I had seen a couple of hours back was true. It didn’t even feel my bedroom any longer. I rushed to the common bathroom on the top floor and wept bitterly. After a while I decided, that the only way to know what the problem was…was to talk to Jeremy. I’m sure he’d have an explanation to all of this.

Jeremy saw Stella coming down the staircase and he understood that she would want to talk, he got up from the sofa and walking towards the bedroom when Stella stopped him

“Jeremy wait! I need some answers here”

“Really! Did I ask you anything when you were sleeping around with Patrick”

“You WERE NOT S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D to know about that….how diiiidddd…”

“Through the magic of EYESIGHT (pointing to his eyes, storming out of the room)


Party time

It wasn’t that Sarah didn’t like the game Mathew had suggested, it was just that she wasn’t groomed well enough to be at her best. She spoke to Ana about it in the bathroom, she knew she’d understand.

“I’m not quite bald there tonight, maybe I should not be playing”

“U mean..what rubbish! Me too! She raised her hand for a’re not the
only one” replied Ana.

I’m not sure whether Ana’s reply comforted her, as she too didn’t have time to go the salon this week and this..right now was totally un – expected. Tho’ with Matthew anything was expected, but Sarah least expected it to be at tonight’s party. It was the first re-union after a long time, a lot had changed physically from the college times. Mathew hadn’t!

“Besides we’d already be a few drinks down and no one will really notice with
the lighting around”

The drinking went on for a good stretch of time, until the friends were all
different levels of ‘tipsy’.

“How about a game of “Strip Poker” Matthew asked.

Ana & Sarah had an inkling but were not really sure, until Sarah had overheard him talking to Alice about it near the bar counter and to say the least, it was Mathews go-to-game at friends parties, the others were not really revolting either, guess the drinks had
already taken its toll on them. 7 of them all – 4 girls and 3 guys, were now sitting
on the floor.
Were the rules really required to be narrated? The women were already leering, the men were no less and they hadn’t even begun the game.

..paying attention

“baby a gift for me???”

“Why jaanu?”

“U forgot again na..”

“today, on this day.. 2 weeks ago, we shared our first ice-cream together”

(tearing open the gift) “wow! my favorite color, it was the same color I wore that day too, can I try it on now?”

“..but I bet it won’t remain on for too long”

“naughty boy!”

One thing leading to another

I wanted to talk
but he wasn’t in the mood

So I leant towards him
and he was taken by surprise

I kissed him
and he responded

He now wanted more
I couldn’t say No

One thing led to another
the next thing we knew

he had broken through..

aah! He said.. not again..

Why do I even try?

The condom broke, it found its way in..

Good for us..with the PILL – its always a situation of WIN-WIN!

A 2 Z

I don’t normally do stuff like this but then again, this is something different..looks fun! Savio dude nominated me for this one, he blogs at Going the extraaamile. Check him out!

Getting right to it…A 2 Z about simple ol’ me

A- Age: 27

B- Biggest fear: Fear of the unknown!

C- Current time: 5.44 p.m

D- Drink you last had: Ice tea, yes it’s raining here in Mumbai

E- Every day starts with: putting on my clothes before getting off the bed

F- Favorite Song: No favorites

G- Ghosts, are they real?: No ways! They don’t exist.

H- Hometown: Mumbai

I- In love with: my laptop

J- Jealous of: how girls can eat and not get fat!

K- Killed someone: Not yet at least

L- Last time you cried: when I watched bajrangi bhaijaan 

M- Middle name: 

N- Number of siblingsOne

O- One wish: If I could get paid without having to go to work everyday.

P- Person you last called: Jack

Q- Question you’re always asked: Why are you always in a hurry?

R- Reason to smile: A well dressed me, lots of compliments and good company

S- Sounds that annoy you: farting! I mean how could people do that?

T- Time you woke up: 7 a.m

U- Underwear color: I’m sorry, I’m going commando. Its just skin

V- Vacation destination: The Caribbean 

W- Worst habit: I’m not revealing that here..huh!

X- X-Rays you’ve had: No X’rays thankfully

Y- Your favourite food: I dig junk food, I could practically live on street food. good is that!

Z- Zodiac sign: Scorpio

There you go! Over & Out…Cya!


Is it just me or are the stats also going my way?!

Guess everything’s going just my way here on WordPress

From the blog posts to the best views, the signs are ominous

…and I don’t wish to change it one bit!


Best Views 69. Now we all know 69 is no longer just a number, it is so much more than that! And I’ve been blogging for like over 6 months now or more..not sure!